Mérat Tipesca:
B2B E-Commerce – So that restaurateurs have a clear view

Mérat Tipesca is part of the Migros Group and sells a wide variety of meat, poultry and seafood specialties to Swiss restaurateurs. Whether they are the chef in a fine restaurant, the director of a hotel or the person in charge of a nursing home, restaurateurs can find Mérat Tipesca's specialties at a glance on the ordering and information platform and have them flexibly delivered to their restaurant.

A new B2B e-commerce platform was created for Mérat Tipesca to serve its existing and new online customers. The products serve as inspiration for those visitors to the webshop who are not yet registered customers. Only existing customers can log in and then see the range of products available to them individually and the corresponding net prices. The e-commerce system of Mérat Tipesca is based on Paloma, which bundles the integration with all peripheral systems and provides the commercial processes.

Project Goal

The goal of the first version was to implement a web store for Mérat Tipesca as soon as possible, which offers the functionalities that are absolutely necessary for the customers. Compared to the ERP system of Mérat Tipesca, a level of integration should be achieved that allows a smooth continuation of the processes. This requires that orders, prices and conditions, customer data, product master data as well as delivery data are transmitted via interfaces.

B2B Frontend for Restaurateurs

For restaurateurs, it is important that the processes on the platform are designed so that they can move around the platform efficiently. Paloma offers a front-end solution for B2B that can be adapted to the customer's CI-CD. With special additional functions, the requirements of restaurateurs can also be mapped. For example, portioning information can be entered for certain items when ordering. In addition, logged-in customers have a direct overview of the next delivery dates and can create their own watch lists and order directly.

The Paloma frontend is specifically designed to allow customers to order easily and quickly. The focus is on order processing, while an inspirational part for promoting products or marketing is intentionally kept small. The main functions are:

Design of the interfaces with Mérat Tipesca

Data preparation, data harmonization and data supply to peripheral systems was a central requirement. In Paloma, the system data from the ERP system (SAP) is prepared by Mérat Tipesca and processed with additional article data from Akeneo PIM.


Due to time constraints, Mérat Tipesca opted for an XML-based interface for SAP. These interfaces already existed in part and were further specified in the design phase. The web store is supplied with product data, prices, customer data and delivery days from SAP. Orders from the webshop are automatically transferred directly to SAP without any time delay.


The Akeneo PIM serves as a platform for enriching product data in Mérat's e-commerce process. Even though numerous attributes can already be obtained via the CSV interfaces, there is a need to be able to work with additional data. A precise configuration of Akeneo determines which product attributes are available and in which context it is mandatory to record them. With special additional functions in the PIM, it is also possible to create customer-specific categories and assortments, so that only a limited assortment or an assortment with specially manufactured products is available for certain customers.

Gastro interfaces to third-party systems

Retirement and nursing homes and other Mérat Tipesca customers need different gastronomy interfaces to third-party systems. Pauli's Kitchen is such a software solution for restaurateurs, allowing them to manage recipes and menus, create calculations and perform stock management and inventory. Based on a menu planning, users can directly plan purchasing at Mérat Tipesca. For this purpose, product data can be imported directly from Mérat Tipesca, with data transfer running directly from Mérat Tipesca to all instances of Pauli's Kitchen users.

Mérat & Cie. AG
Project start
December 2020
In operation since
March 2021
Implemented with
Akeneo PIM

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