Paloma Platform

For a perfect data basis

Optimal use of your data

A solid data basis is the cornerstone for digitizing your business processes

System Integration

Paloma allows integration of simple to complex systems that allow writing and reading of data.

Data preparation

Data from the integrated systems as well as additional data are aggregated, consolidated and prepared for further processing according to your requirements.

Process digitization

Manual processes can be digitized and automated in the system so that they can be used equally by people or systems.

Data hub

Processed data and processes are offered to participating systems via interfaces.

Functions of the Paloma platform

The Paloma platform is a central building block for the consolidation and sharing of business-relevant data. It enables companies to integrate and consolidate different data sources such as ERP systems, CRM systems, PIM systems and more. In this way, companies can obtain a comprehensive view of their data and use it to digitize their business processes. At the same time, data storage remains unchanged in the corresponding base system and also allows data capture outside the given limits of the application.

By digitizing business processes using processed data, companies can optimize their processes by automating manual tasks and accelerating workflow. For example, data from different systems can be used to automatically generate individual service offers or to combine personalized information such as orders placed or interaction points with different services for a complete overview. This saves time and reduces human error.

Paloma enables companies to pass on the processed and consolidated data to other systems in their system landscape. These include, for example, e-commerce systems, service portals or other internal systems. These can then access the data and use it for their respective purposes.

Concrete application examples

The following application examples are an excerpt of the infinite possibilities that open up for you with the integration of the Paloma platform.

Service offerings
A company can collect and consolidate data of installed products at customer sites as well as their current components, repairs and maintenance information from various sources such as ERP systems and service systems. This data can then be used to generate and sell customized service offerings or improve the products offered.
Customer data
Customer data can be collected and aggregated by a company from various sources such as CRM systems, social media, and customer feedback. The aggregated data can be used to create personalized marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and develop new products.
Product data
A company can collect its product data from different sources, such as PIM systems, suppliers or manufacturers and consolidate them. The consolidated data can be used to manage products more effectively, improve supply chain management efficiency, and optimize the sales process.
Transport data
Various sources such as fleet management systems, GPS tracking and traffic data can be used by a company to collect and consolidate transportation data. The consolidated data can be used to optimize transport routes, improve delivery processes and reduce delivery times.
Stock data
Inventory data can be collected and consolidated by a company from various sources such as inventory management systems, RFID technology and barcodes. The consolidated data can be used to optimize warehouse management, monitor inventory levels and avoid overstocking.
Supplier and manufacturer data
A company can collect and consolidate supplier and manufacturer data from various sources such as ERP systems and contract management systems. This data can then be used to improve procurement processes, optimize contract terms, and monitor compliance.