Process Automation

Offer your customers the possibility to place automated orders with in-house systems

The highway of B2B trade

Connection means common growth. With Paloma, you give your clients the freedom they need to trade together.


The processes at your customers remain the same and are not unnecessarily complicated by new tools.


Your customers themselves choose the integration strategy that best suits their own processes.


Your customers get all information about orders, deliveries and costs back into their own systems.

Your B2B customers buy with ease and elegance

Freedom means being able to decide for yourself. Give your customers the freedom they need for their processes.

1. Individual Data

Via direct integration, your customers see product and price information in their own ERP.

2. Orders

Orders are placed from the customer's ERP and transferred to your own ERP.

3. Delivery Details

After the order has been processed, your customers receive the delivery details in their own ERP.

How a B2B customer integrates and orders


Quick and easy integration

Hans P. from FreshBuy AG orders a lot and integrates into Paloma for easier order processing. Hans is very pleased with the simple and cost-effective implementation and is already looking forward to his first order.


Products and details always available

Hans obtains his products including agreed conditions via the connection. He sees all necessary details for his order - in his own system - and is happy!


Ordering is simple and easy

Hans puts together the products for his order and orders directly from his system. He gets immediate feedback and knows that his order has been received.


Always on the ball

Hans or his employees receive all further details about the connection to Paloma and are always informed about the ordering process - in their own system. The purchasing staff of FreshBuy AG can react and intervene in time to the constantly changing demands of their own customers.


Know when to expect delivery

Paloma sends the delivery details for the order to FreshBuy AG via the connected interface. Everything has worked out wonderfully. Very simple, fast and elegant. Everyone at FreshBuy AG is happy and satisfied!

Your own IT will be pleased

Customer integrations are handled by Paloma. From now on, your IT department has more time for other tasks.


  • REST
  • SOAP
  • SQL
  • Excel or CSV
  • EDI
  • SFTP
  • ... many more


  • Products
  • Prices
  • Conditions
  • Stocks Levels
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • ... individually extendable

Data Formats

  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV
  • Excel
  • EDI formats
  • IDoc
  • ... many more