About Astina

We attach great importance to extraordinarily high quality in all areas, which we ultimately measure by our customer's success. The customer is king and we live the philosophy of exceptional customer service. We communicate this to each and every one of our employees

We have many years of experience, especially in the field of digital data processing with a focus on data exchange between our and third-party systems. Our systems process millions of data records, which is why we attach great importance to transparency and traceability so that our customers' processes remain simple.

Over the years, our knowledge of our environment has matured and fundamental mechanisms have always been incorporated into our products and systems. As a result, our products already have a very high degree of maturity with regard to the processing of any data and are therefore very easy to integrate into existing system landscapes.

In addition to technical aspects, we are always friendly, sociable, competent and professional. We love to implement success-oriented projects for our customers.


Our versatile team of experts develops sophisticated and easy-to-use software. We work closely with you to deliver the most suitable solution for your business.

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