Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel

Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel in the B2B fast lane

With its new B2B e-commerce presence - Swiss Gastro Solutions - Bischofszell Nahrungsmittel (BINA) has been serving all customers who previously ordered using the Bischofszell Culinarium and Hogashop marketplace solutions. Using Paloma, BINA was able to successfully optimize its own ordering processes as well as those of its B2B customers by enabling them to directly integrate their ERP system with its own ERP system.

A sustainable solution

BINA is part of the Migros Group and sells various food products for everyday enjoyment to distribution partners, restaurants, hospitals and other companies. Especially for the large B2B customers who purchase products from many different manufacturers, seamless integration is important so that the ordering processes can be simplified and accelerated.

For a sustainable customer relationship, a functioning integration of the ERP systems of BINA customers is an important component, as this on the one hand promotes the willingness to place orders and on the other hand increases the attractiveness in contrast to other manufacturers who do not offer integration.

In addition to the integration of customers, BINA established the Swiss Gastro Solutions Online B2B Webshop, which communicates completely autonomously with the SAP of the Migros Group. Furthermore, there was an integration with Trustbox and Beelong to identify the products of BINA accordingly.

Implementation together with ERP software manufacturer

With the ERP manufacturer Agris, a direct interface to Paloma was implemented in the ERP software to ensure the best possible integration between B2B customer and Paloma. This solution has the further advantage that all customers of this ERP software can be integrated into Paloma without further conversions and can place orders from their own ERP practically directly after configuration of the customer. Furthermor direct EDI integrations have been built with Saviva and Pistor, with which these big customers are able to directly order with BINA in their own ERP software.

Provided data flows

By integrating their own ERP system, customers of BINA get the necessary information quickly and easily. These are above all:

This means that BINA customers are always aware of open orders and receive the necessary information directly in their own system.

Advantages on both sides

Seamless integration has allowed various needs of customers to be satisfied. These are mainly:

Positive experience

BINA's largest customers are already integrated into the system and integrations of other Migros Group distributors are planned. The integrations have enabled B2B customers to simplify their ordering processes and speed them up many times over.

In the future, other Migros Group manufacturers will be integrated into the system landscape so that customers can benefit all the more from the increasing variety of products.

For BINA, the automated connection of customers is a valuable addition to the Swiss Gastro Solutions B2B Webshop, from which both BINA and its customers benefit.

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